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Plexipave Color Base is an asbestos free, naturally colored texture base used for mixing with Plexichrome and water to produce Fortified Plexipave. By adding appropriate amounts of each, the on-the-job determination of color will lower material costs and eliminate the need for warehousing large quantities of ready to use Fortified Plexipave in different colors. With its filler properties, job mixed Fortified Plexipave provides a durable, uniformly textured, medium play tennis surface.

The Plexipave Color Finishing system can be used on properly prepared asphalt and concrete surfaces. Outdoor concrete surface must be constructed with a vapor barrier under the slab and have adequate perimeter drainage.


SURFACE USES: Over asphalt surfaces and suitable concrete: • Tennis Courts • Basketball Courts • Light Traffic Footpaths and Walks • Gymnasiums • Play areas • Multi-Purpose Sports Areas APPLICATION: • Use 50 Durometer Flexible rubber squeegees for Fortified Plexipave Filler Coats, and Fortified Plexipave Finish Coats. DRYING TIME: • 30 minutes to one hour per coat. • A three-coat application in normal summer drying weather can often be made over a properly prepared surface in one day. • Indoor applications require fans and good ventilation. COLOR RANGE: Neutral (Color obtained by the addition of Plexichrome). COVERAGE (For 30•20•20 Mix): • First Coat: 10-15 sq. yds./gal. (.1-.07 gal/sq.yd.) • Second Coat: 15-20 sq. yds./gal. (.07-.05 gal/sq. yd.) • Third Coat 20-25 sq. yds./gal. (.05-.04 gal/sq. yd,) • Depending on surface porosity. Mix Fortified Plexipave: A 30:20:20 mix is used to obtain Fortified Plexipave using 30 gallons of Plexipave Color Base, 20 gallons of Plexichrome, and 20 gallons of water. Mix may be adjusted depending on the porosity of the surface and ambient temperature at the time of applications. LIMITATIONS: • Apply only when ambient temperature is 50°F and rising. • Do not apply when rain or high humidity is imminent. • Do not apply when surface temperature is in excess of 140°F. • Allow asphalt to cure at least 14 days before application • Allow concrete to cure 28 days. Do not use curing agents or concrete hardeners.


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