Tennis Court Construction

Leading the Way

By utilizing the latest technology and developing innovative tennis court construction techniques, we achieve the highest quality tennis court installations available today. These capabilities are backed by our extensive experience in building thousands of tennis courts over the past 38 years and our on-going customer service. The result- a Guaranteed Way to Court Excellence!

Providing Full Court Services

Although we feel that fast drying tennis courts possess playing characteristics that are exceptionally appealing, we realize that one type of tennis court cannot satisfy all tennis enthusiasts. Therefore, we also construct a variety of acrylic color-coated hard tennis court services, including shock-absorbing cushion and carpet courts. Differing speeds of play can be obtained by changing the final texture of these tennis courts. Welch Tennis Courts, Inc. is prepared to provide total tennis court construction that is ready for play. Fencing, lighting, windscreen curtains and clay court maintenance equipment are regularly included in our contracts. The effects of a turn key installation are reduced costs and elimination of planning problems. So, regardless of your tennis court preference or needs, we can provide the proper court for your game and situation. Our specialty is the fast drying tennis court, with both sub-surface and traditional irrigation systems. This tennis court provides true bounce, resilient footing and excellent ball visibility which encourages longer rallies yet delays fatigue. The porous nature of this material also allows for extremely fast drainage and a quicker return to play following rainfall. All these attributes make fast drying tennis courts one of the most widely preferred surfaces among knowledgeable tennis players. Due to our highly trained personnel and our use of laser guided equipment, we are the leading builder of fast drying tennis courts in the United States.

Changing America’s Court System

Welch Tennis Courts, Inc. is the premiere installer of fast dry tennis courts with a sub-surface irrigation system, constructing either HydroGrid or HydroCourt. These systems reduce irrigation costs, cut maintenance time and personnel costs and eliminate down time completely. Whether building new sub-surface irrigated fast dry tennis courts or converting existing hard tennis courts to sub-surface irrigated fast dry tennis courts, this recent development has made the installation of fast dry courts much more acceptable in a wider range of situations. Since studies indicate that the fast dry surface reduces the possibility of injury, players of all levels are now able to enjoy the benefits of playing on a fast dry surface.

Building for the Best

Welch Tennis Courts, Inc. has been chosen four times in the past four years to construct the tennis courts for Davis Cup Matches: St. Petersburg, Florida 1991, and 1995; Kansas City, Kansas, 1992; and Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1993. Many other major tournaments have been played at facilities built by Welch, such as the fast dry tennis courts for the US Clay Courts at Wild Dunes Beach and Racquet Club and Kiawah Resort in Charleston, South Carolina; the HydroGrid courts at Kensington Golf and Country Club in Naples, Florida, site of The Cadillac Tournament and the 1995 Legends; and the eight red clay fast dry courts at The International Tennis Center, site of the Lipton Cup in Key Biscayne, Florida. Combining our highly trained personnel and the use of laser equipment, enables us to provide quality court construction on a competitive basis anywhere in the world. Although we are very proud to be associated with such prestigious events, we are equally proud of the thousands of tennis courts we have constructed at clubs, condominiums, public facilities and private residences over the past 38 years.

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