Hard Tennis Court Construction - Asphalt & Concrete

These types of courts are commonly found at public parks, schools, apartments, and private residences. They are most commonly referred to as a nearly maintenance free court!
Hard courts, unlike clay (Har-Tru) courts, can be customized to the customer preferred color(s) and speed. Additional games can be lined on the court surface, such as volleyball, basketball, quickstart, etc. Both asphalt and concrete type of courts can be tailored to have the same amenities, the only difference is in their core construction.
The American Sports Builders Association recomends that an asphalt tennis court is 4″+ of compacted base material and 1 1/2″ of asphalt, followed by an acrylic color coating system (for non-freeze thaw climates). In freeze thaw climates the compacted base should be 6″+ and the asphalt should be 3″+ (see diagram). Typical concrete courts are four inches thick followed by a similar acrylic color coating system. An option to consider for either hard court is a DecoTurf® cushioning system.

Since 2010 Welch Tennis Courts, Inc. has been the exclusive distributor of DecoTurf® Materials in the State of Florida. As you may know, DecoTurf® is the chosen surface of the U.S Open and has been since 1978. Welch Tennis Courts, Inc. offers all the products produced by DecoTurf® and stocks nearly all of their colors in our warehouse in Florida.

Tennis Court Color Options

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