Resurfacing of Clay (Har-Tru) Tennis Courts

Welch Tennis Courts is known as the world’s largest builder of clay (Har-Tru) tennis courts, specializing in the subsurface irrigation called HydroGrid®. But did you know that Welch Tennis also is a leader in Resurfacing and Refurbishing tennis courts? Besides site visits from our experts and experienced workers this describes typical clay court (Har-Tru) resurfacing:
Clay Court Resurfacing Work Performed by Welch Tennis:

  1. Clean courts of all excess dead material, surface algae, mold etc.
  2. Mechanically scarify the entire court surface with a hydraulically controlled scarification blade.
  3. Remove excess material from low end of court. Either apply to high end or dispose.
  4. Add the required amount of new court surface material to each court
  5. Laser Grade the entire court surface
  6. Water and compact the entire tennis court surface.
  7. Install new herringbone style line tapes on each of the courts.
  8. Groom the courts and leave in ready to play condition.
  9. Apply long term algaecide to each court.

Additional Work and Accessories Available:

  1. Painting of the net posts, fence posts etc.
  2. New nets
  3. New net posts
  4. New windscreen

Watch a Resurfacing Video from Beginning to End!

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