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What is the standard size of a regulation size tennis court?

The recommended size of a standard tennis court is 60′ x 120′. This is the preferred size by the United States Tennis Association (USTA,) and the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) recommended size for a standard size tennis court.

What is the size of a stadium court?

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) recommended stadium tennis court size is 66′ x 132′.

What is the minimum size of a tennis court?

Both the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF)  recommend that the minimum size of a tennis court to be 56’x114′.

What are some extras for a tennis court if we want to upgrade our facility?

Upgrading a facility is fairly simple, windscreens with a windscreen logos can give a court a fresh look. New tennis court benches, Tidi-court trash baskets, shoe cleaners, score post units, and court numbers can be inexpensive additions to any court. Additions of shade shelters, bleachers, and landscaping can enhance the look and feel of any facility. Removal and replacement (or repair) of damaged fence and lighting can quickly get rid of that worn-out appearance. Call for quotes 1-800-282-4415

What type of tennis court surface material does Welch Tennis Courts, Inc. carry?

We carry Har-Tru surface material which has a binder in the product and is typically used on overhead irrigated tennis courts, HydroBlend material used on subsurface irrigated tennis courts (HydroGrid & HydroCourt), American Red Clay material also used on subsurface irrigated courts and Coarse Blend (a.k.a. Colorado Blend) used for tennis court resurfacing,.

What are the basic accessories and equipment needed for clay tennis courts? (HydroGrid Court? Overhead Irrigated Clay Court? Hard Court?)

All clay tennis courts will need to have net posts, net with a center strap, line tapes, a drag broom and/or court rake to scarify and groom the court, line master or line scrub to clean the line tapes, lute / scarifier for maintenance, Court Devil for heavy scarification, and a roller (subsurface-irrigated clay tennis courts like the HydroGrid and HydroCourt do not require frequent rolling).

What is the difference between a HydroGrid and a HydroCourt?

HydroGrid and HydroCourt are both leaders in subsurface-irrigated clay court market. The HydroCourt has gone through several different design/specification changes and in order to give a fair comparison it would help to know which generation of the product we are talking about. The HydroGrid Tennis Court has a 6″ base comprised of specific gradations of crushed stone. The HydroGrid subsurface irrigation system is installed in that 6″ base of crushed stone. A plastic liner is located beneath the crush stone base and a brick curb installed is installed around the HydroGrid Tennis Court. A one-inch thick layer of fast-drying surface material is installed with laser guided equipment for the best tennis court available today. Welch Representatives can go into more detail on both courts as needed. Be sure to check out our many references and awards.

What is the average cost to build a basic hard court?

Tennis court construction costs vary based on location of the project, type of tennis court, and various options available to construct a tennis court. Please call and ask for a quote and one can be provided, either over the phone, email, or fax.

What is a cushion surface?

A cushion surface is a blend of latex, rubber and plastic that is installed on Hard Tennis Courts to help reduce the shock in the body and fatigue of the muscles while playing tennis. Welch Tennis Courts, Inc. is a distributor and retailer of California Products ? DecoTurf material.

What are the different types of tennis courts that can be built?

Hard Tennis Courts (Asphalt, Concrete, & Post Tension), Over Head Irrigated Tennis Courts, Sub-Surface Irrigated Tennis Courts (HydroGrid & HydroCourt), Synthetic Turf Courts (Clay Tech, Nova Grass, etc.)

Does Welch Tennis build bocce courts, basketball courts & shuffleboard courts?

Yes, Welch Tennis Courts, Inc. builds bocce, basketball courts, and shuffleboard courts as well as court repair and equipment. Call 1-800-282-4415 for a quote.

What is "Fast Dry" or Har-Tru?

It is an extremely hard, angular crushed stone with a natural green color. Har-Tru is crushed into different size particles that form a unique combination of sizes, and then combined with a natural temporary binder (gypsum). The combination forms a surface that locks tight enough to support play & angular so that it remains porous.

Does Welch Tennis Courts build courts at private residences?

Yes, tennis court construction is performed by Welch Tennis Courts, Inc. not only for private residence, but private facilities such as country clubs, resorts, apartment complexs, condominiums, as well as municipalities across the country and overseas.

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Supplies & Accessories

How many nails does it take to nail line tapes on a tennis court?

8 lbs if 2 1/2″ nails are used on above-ground irrigated tennis courts and 11 lbs if 3″ nails for sub-surface irrigated tennis courts such as HydroGrid and HydroCourt tennis courts

How much line tape is needed to line one court?

One roll of line tape will complete the relining of one tennis court plus you will an additional 10? left over. (1 roll = 490′)

Which ball machine would you recommend for someone who travels?

The Tennis Tutor is a battery powered, portable model that is only 12″ tall when folded and can easily fit into a car trunk and it has a towing handle that allows it to tow just like luggage.

What is a center strap for?

The center strap is meant to keep the center of the net at the appropriate height of 36″, while the two ends remain at a height of 42″.

Can you provide us with windscreen logos?

Yes, Welch Tennis Courts, Inc. offers windscreens and windscreen logos. A Vector EPS file is preferred, but a high resolution .jpg or .jpeg will also be fine. Please email the logo to us and someone in Tennis Court Accessories Dept. will be happy to get you a quote.

What is the most popular tennis net that you sell?

The WTC 3.0 DTS Professional net. The 3.0DTS Professional net is a 3.0mm braided polyethylene black rope with the top 6 rows double meshed for better strength and durability. It also has a 46 oz heavy-duty white vinyl headband coated with an Anti-fungal fabric with 4 rows of lock stitching. Polyester center strap & double end snap included. 5 year limited warranty.

What type of "squeegee" / water removers do you sell for hard courts?

The Rol-Dri and Miracle Sweep are the two most common water removers, both are 36″ wide. The Rol-Dri is a gray foam sponge-type roller that absorbs water. The Miracle Sweep is a blue polyvinyl acetate (PVA) material that absorbs and pushes water off the court. Replacement rollers are available for both units.

Do you sell volleyball nets?

Yes, Welch Tennis Courts sells volleyball nets, basketball goals, and other sporting accessories and supplies for courts. Just call and ask 1-800-543-9111

What strength of tyraps for windscreen do you recommend?

We recommend 50# strength tyraps along the top & half way down the sides of the windscreen. Then use the 120# strength tyraps along the bottom and half way up the sides. This will allow the top half to break away in heavy winds & eliminate fence damage & wind-whipping to the screens.

What type of shoe cleaners do you carry for clay (Har-Tru) tennis courts?

The Clay-A-Way Shoe Brush and the Clay-A-Way Shoe Tub are two of the newest shoe cleaners we offer. There are number of other types available such as, the Scrusher, Tennie Two-Step, Har-Tru Shoe Brush, Mud Chucker, Court Maid (black or green) and other shoe cleaners are available. Call Welch Tennis’ Clay, Supplies and Accessories Department for a quote on shoe cleaners for your tennis courts 1-800-543-9111

What type of windscreen would you recommend for privacy ? for around a pool?

Privascreen which is available in either 5’8″ height or 7’8″ height. It is also available on rolls of 150 feet. Call Welch Tennis Supplies and Accessories Dept. for a quote.

Can I have a windscreen logo applied to one of my existing pieces of windscreen?

Having a logo put on your existing windscreen is not recommended. Once a windscreen has been exposed to the environmental elements the logo will not adhere properly. However, Welch Tennis Courts, Inc. can order a new piece of windscreen just large enough to hold the logo so that you can attach it over the existing tennis court windscreen.

Which teaching carts do you sell?

The Brute Teaching Cart, Hoag Teaching Cart, and Deluxe Club Cart . Welch also offers Gamma and Hoag ball baskets. Call for a quote on the teaching cart of your choice. 1-800-543-9111

What is the Court Rake?

The Court Rake is a one of our most popular tennis court scarifier. The Court Rake grooms and scarifies in one step. The Court Rake ?rakes” the court, breaking up the clay, having the effect of pulling a very coarse brush over the courts. It rakes over the tennis court line tapes without harming them. The Court Rake will simplify and speed up clay tennis court maintenance at your facility. Call the Welch Tennis Supplies and Accessories Dept. for a quote on a Court Rake 1-800-543-9111.

Do you repair ball machines?

No, we do not actually repair the machine but we would be happy to put you in touch with either a local repair technician or the manufacturer to perform the needed repairs. Please call and speak with one of our Tennis Court Accessories Sales Representatives at 800-543-9111.

Can I get windscreen that is 4' high instead of the standard 6' or 9'?

Yes, the 6′ high tennis court windscreen can be cut down to 4′ for a minimal additional charge.

How do I measure the fence for windscreen?

Windscreen can be measured from tension bar to tension bar or from post to post. Make sure that you let us know how the windscreen was measured as the Welch Tennis Accessories Rep will need that information to ensure a proper fit. 

How far apart are the grommets on the windscreen?

Grommets are typically spaced one foot apart around the perimeter of the windscreen.

What is the outside diameter of a tennis net post?

The most common diameter size of net posts is 2 7/8 inches.

What is the purpose of the Court Devil?

The Court Devil is designed to scarify the Har-Tru (fast dry/ clay) court surface and prevent build-up of mold and algae. Welch Tennis Courts offers the Court Devil and also the Court Devil Jr.

What is Calcium Chloride used for?

Calcium Chloride is used to keep the moisture in a clay/ HarTru tennis court. Calcium Chloride is often used before and during tournaments where longer court time is needed and closing a court for watering would not be convenient during tournament play.

How far apart are hemmed vents placed on windscreen?

Hemmed vents start at 5 feet from the left edge and are then placed approximately 10 feet apart on the windscreen.

What are the dimensions of the standard Courtside Canopy Benches?

Courtside Canopy Benches are available in either a 10′ canopy with an 8′ bench or an 8′ canopy with a 6′ bench.

What is the stiffest broom that you carry?

The Eagle broom is the stiffest hand model broom that Welch Tennis offers. Proline makes a hand or tow model with 4 1-1/2″ bristles that can be soft or coarse. Welch Tennis also has a hand or tow model steel bristle broom.

What information is needed to order pole pads?

To order pole pads Welch needs the circumference of the pole and height desired for the pad, also the desired thickness and color. A drawing would also be helpful.

What is the difference between the 3.5 Tournament net and the 3.0 Professional net?

The 3.5 Tournament net is a 3.5 mm polyethylene braided rope that has a three year warranty. The 3.0 Professional net is a 3.0 mm polyethylene braided rope net that has six rows of double mesh at the top and a five-year warranty. Both nets have a double vinyl headband and are tapered not to bunch at the center strap.

What is your turn around time if I order something?

The turn around time or lead time depends on the item. If it is in stock we can send it by UPS and you should get it the next day if you are in Florida. If it is not in stock the item would be drop-shipped and you should get your order within 3-5 business days.

Can I purchase less than a full pallet of clay?

Yes you can order less than a full pallet of clay (fast dry / Har-Tru surface material) if our in-house delivery truck is delivering it. If you are out of the state of Florida and we are drop shipping it straight from the manufacturer than the minimum purchase would be one ton.

What can be used to clean the leaves & other debris off my court?

The Aussie Clean Sweep is used for cleaning leaves and other debris off the tennis court surface. It also leaves the court surface with a nice brushed look.

Do you carry volleyball nets for pools?

Yes we do. Welch Tennis can have pool volleyball nets custom-cut to your dimensions.

Does Welch Tennis sell net posts?

Yes, Welch Tennis sells both internal and external wind net posts that will fit into your existing sleeves or they can be purchased with new sleeves. Also consider Welch Tennis Courts, Inc. has an entire department that could install your new equipment and perform repairs by trained personnel, call for a quote.

Does Welch Tennis sell net posts?

Yes, Welch Tennis sells both internal and external wind net posts that will fit into your existing sleeves or they can be purchased with new sleeves. Also consider Welch Tennis Courts, Inc. has an entire department that could install your new equipment and perform repairs by trained personnel, call for a quote.

Do you carry coolers?

Yes, Welch Tennis can get you a 5 or 10 gallon cooler and also units that come complete with a stand, basket, cup dispenser and cooler.

Do you sell a PVC umpire chair?

Yes, the Welch Tennis Courts Accessories/ Tennis Court Supplies reps can send you a photo by email or you can see it on the Welch Tennis website. Umpire Chair Umbrellas are also available for purchase.

Do you have aluminum cooler stands?

Yes Welch Tennis offers aluminum cooler stands, complete with stand, basket and cup dispenser.

Do you carry metal drag mats?

Yes, metal drag mats come in several different sizes. See our website under Drag Mats for more information

I need a new float valve.

Is it for the HydroGrid (round canister) or the HydroCourt (square black box)? HydroGrid floats are brown and orange and resemble a toilet float. HydroCourt floats are white and blue and say Gebriet (if it is older it might be white with brass fittings, or even older and made almost entirely of brass). For HydroGrid tennis courts canisters the float and valve are sold as one piece. The HydroCourt float valve is also available as a replacement part.

Does Welch Tennis Courts sell benches?

Yes, Welch Tennis carries tennis court benches in a variety of lengths & styles. See our website under Tennis Court Canopies and Benches.

Do you sell an awning that can attach directly to my fence?

Yes we sell a 4′ x 10′ awning called the Shady Court that attaches to the fence. It is available in green and white striped, navy and white, or solid green. Benches are sold separately and can be placed underneath. See our website for more information.

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