HydroCourt® Maintenance

The following procedures are offered as guidelines for maintaining the court although there may be variations in frequency due to weather conditions, amount of play and physical location.

  1. The court should be drag brushed at the end of play each day with all indentations and scuff marks smoothed out. The court may be drag brushed at other times as required to smooth the surface.
  2. The playing lines should be brushed clean before play and as required during play.
  3. The court should be rolled if it becomes soft or if the playing lines should become loose. It is not necessary to roll the court on a regular basis and, given frequent play on the court, rolling will probably be required only on rare occasions.
  4. The court should be observed periodically following rain to see if any areas (birdbaths) drain more slowly than the rest of the court. Any such areas (which occur most frequently just behind the baselines) should be checked with a straight edge or string line to determine if a low spot has formed. If the area is determined to be low, then it should be patched by scarifying, placing new material in the area, leveling with a straight edge, hand watering and compacting.
  5. Approximately once a month, the net should be removed and the court drag brushed several times in a lengthwise pattern. If any excess material which has collected in the net line remains following this brushing, it should be scraped level with the adjacent area and removed.
  6. The HydroCourt® system is installed with continual system activation that provides a constantly maintained water level for each cell. This allows moisture to move, by capillary action, from the crushed stone base to the geotextile cloth which covers it and through the geotextile to the stone screenings and Hydroblend surface.

If an area of the court becomes relatively dry, then the float valve in the corresponding control box located outside the court, should be slightly adjusted to raise the water level. This is accomplished by plugging the outlet pipe to the cell with the cap plug (found in the box), observing the current water level on the control box ruler, turning the valve adjusting knob in a clockwise direction so that the water level is raised and then removing the plug. This should be done in small increments of one-eighth inch or less (each complete turn of the knob is approximately one quarter inch). It is advisable to wait several days to observe the result before making further adjustments which might raise the water level too high. Naturally, should either one zone or the entire court become too wet, then the water level should be adjusted downward in the same incremental manner.

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