Hard Court Maintenance

Typically hard tennis courts are either asphalt or concrete and require very little maintenance to maintain them. However, they do require some to help extend the longevity of the life of the court!

Preventative Maintenance

  1. Remove debris from the tennis court surface. Do not allow leaves or limbs to stay on the surface some types of plants and trees can stain or discolor the court surface.
  2. Make sure that all irrigation sprinklers are not spraying on the court surface. Sprinklers will cause water marks on the surface, as well as discolor windscreens and other court equipment.
  3. Spills on the court should be cleaned up immediately. If it appears to have stained the surface attempt a mild soap, soft bristled brush, and water.
  4. After a rain shower use your water removal equipment to take the remaining standing water off the court surface. Any standing water will create water marks.
  5. Keep a sterile area with no grass at least one foot around the perimeter of the tennis court, no other plantings for at least two feet. Trees should not be considered directly next to the tennis court. This will help prevent root intrusion into your court.
  6. Make sure that the surrounding landscape is lower than the court surface, this will allow for water to run off the court surface and not puddle up on the court after a rain.
  7. Any vegetation that may begin to grow inside of the court should be treated with an appropriate herbicide. Do not pull out the weed! Pulling a weed that still has an established root system has the potential to damage much more of your court surface that the opening it is growing out of. Once it is treated allow it to die and the root system to break down before removing it.
  8. Tree limbs and shrubs that hang over the court should be pruned so they do not hang over the court.
  9. Mold or mildew typically appears in shaded areas of the court. These areas remain moist and have some type of nutrient to allow the growth. These areas need to be cleaned and washed gently using a mild soap and soft bristled brush. 

Winterizing the Court

  1. Remove all debris from the court surface as well as anything else around the outside of the court that may blow onto the court.
  2. Take note of cracks. Any crack that fills with water and freezes will get bigger! If possible repair before winter sets in.
  3. If your court freezes over do not add salt or attempt to chip off, this will damage your court.
  4. If you court is covered with snow do not shovel the snow off, use a soft bristled broom. Shovel heads can scrape the surface and damage the court.

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